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University of Nantes has been officially created in 1961 but find it’s origin in 1461. It is a multi-disciplinary university that regroups 64 laboratories, a dedicated space to the development of companies and 9 innovating industries. University of Nantes has also developed a great international network with more than 500 foreign partners.

Dr. Danila Valmori has a long-standing experience in cancer vaccine and immune regulation. The main interest of Dr. Valmori’s research has been to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to tumor antigen specific immune responses. The main aims have been to identify and characterize relevant targets, to elaborate strategies for the elicitation and immune monitoring of tumor antigen specific immune responses and to characterize the controllers of immune regulation that can prevent the generation of effective anti-cancer immunity. Her lab will be involved in immune validation in the HEPAMUT project.

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